Gray Matters Foundation Virtual Basket Raffle 2020

LIVE Streaming on Saturday, November 14th @ 6PM

How to Participate in our Virtual Event

  1. Look through all of the baskets below and write down your favorite picks. Remember, we are continuing to add baskets until November 7th!
  2. Click Purchase Tickets at the top of this page to purchase Basket Raffle Tickets.
  3. Join us back here on this site to watch the LIVE drawing on Saturday, November 14th at 6PM MST (AZ Local Time) to see what you win.
*The Fine Print: Winners will be pulled during the live stream event. You do not have to watch or participate online during the live stream event in order to win. Winners will be contacted after the event with pick up details. Only Arizona residents are eligible to play. Basket raffle ticket purchases are not a tax deductible donation.

Connect with Us!

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The Gray Matters Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and all donations are tax-exempt to the full extent of the law. Our IRS tax ID number is: 26-0738062. For questions about donating please call 623-205-6446.

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